Loving the Nikon Way

I am very impressed with the results I am getting from this D7100. The photo here is taken with the 18-140 kit lens and a cheap ebay 20mm extension tube. AF works OK and I am not complaining about the sharpness! Maybe I should have made this move a few upgrades ago instead of hanging on in with the previous system

better support for doo-dads

The Nikon train has continued to chug along, I am now pretty happy and comfortable picking it up to take out. One thing I do love is the greater availability of handy little items to enhance the camera, there are many that were not made for Pentax. I have been out this morning with a ‘cheap’ set of AF macro extension tubes. If you can find a set that give AF and aperture control for Pentax, they would probably set you back £150 on the used market. The Meike ones for Nikon support AF and communicate all the lens info to the camera. So for £35 I can now use the SWM & VR of the 18-140 for the odd bee photos. Image quality is good enough and the combo seems to work very well. So no need to shell out for a £450 dedicated macro lens. This will save a bit of money, and a bit of weight when I want to head off into the hills. I know that the dedicated lens has advantages, the attached image is not biting sharp (probably down to my technique) but I am happy with this solution.