west pier, low tide sunset

I did get down to Brighton for the magic hour. Arrived 10 to 6 so
managed to park free as well. Did not look too promising, but the west pier is spectacular when you can walk out amongst the wreckage. Lots of
other photographers there, I was last to leave, by which stage it really
was a bit dark. The tide was out so far it had exposed the flat sand sea
bed, I never remember it out that far when I lived there.


west pier 6.jpg


Here they are, despite the difference in weight, they are actually not as different in size. The digital is deeper, but I recall the old P30N seeming a lot smaller than the K100D.



I got the settlement from the travel insurance for the loss of the 12-24
today. £200. Better than nothing, but that is the limit for a single
item apparently. I think it might be time to consider photo insurance.
It would be sensible even just for around the UK.