In prep for the Seychelles trip, I have bought a DiCaPac WP-410 for the Lumix camera. I got it for £17 from ebay (including the registered post from South Korea) and it arrived today. Luckily I had the camera in my work bag, and we have an onsite pool, so I will be conducting initial tests later today.

initial tests of the welding filter

This is one of the test shots with the welding filter. 261 seconds, and still a couple of stops underexposed. Longer exposures are not handled well, the K100D suffers from reciprocity failure and the image actually gets darker with longer exposures. So, not an outright success. I think it is perhaps too dark, but the concept is good. Not sure if I should try a lower shade welding filter, or just stump up for the real deal.

Colour adjusted. 261s f8. Spots are from dust on the filter. This is 17 stops slower than the meter reading without the filter (1/500 at f8).

welding filter

The welding filter arrived from eBay yesterday. Did not get much of a chance to try it out. It is slightly green, but initial tests look like it will be correctable using the spot white balance. Hopefully will get a chance to try it out this evening afte work.