This week I have decided to stick with Pentax. Loyalty possibly, but more related to the expense of a complete change in brand at this stage. Also, I am not convinced that the big 14 megapixel Pentax’s are actually going to be that inferior for what I want, having looked at samples of night and long exposure on flickr. But that brings us to another conundrum. The K7 is too expensive, and according to the dpreview, not that much better in image quality (for what I want) than the old K20d. The new KX is likely to be very good as well, and the price is right. But the issue of the lack of cable release is a real put off. So the K20D is back on the menu. I think it is going out of circulation, so if I can pick up one at a good price I will nab it. Have missed one at the Seaford shop already, so I am going to stay alert. Otherwise it is going to be a KX with some mechanical finger for a cable release. The biggest miss was the GX20 for £300 duty free at the time I flew to the Seychelles. Now that was an opportunity missed.