greed – it has stopped

I don’t take to people biting the hand that feeds them. I was going to sell the tamron adaptall to a guy in the US from Pentax Forums as part of the real and present change to Nikon and the tasty D90. The Tamron adaptall I was offering was the desirable P/KA version, so will allow auto modes on a modern digital camera. It sells for £60 or so used retail, so this guy was getting a bargain at £35 plus postage. He made the mistake of trying to haggle over $3.50 on the postage, hinting that he could get a tatty one locally for the same price as my one in nice condition. So I let him get it locally. I will sell this one on eBay, where it should make at least £50. When you are faced with a bargain, don’t try to be too greedy.

slow boat from china

eBay is great for little camera bits from China or Hong Kong. I have had some bargains (and some tat). But at the moment, I jam having some delays. I have a couple of filters and a hotshoe mount fisheye viewer on their way at the moment, but I must have missed the last fast boat, as everything is taking a month at the moment.

It has begun

I have started selling Pentax gear. Selling a Tamron Adaptall II adapter and possibly the 70-210 to a guy in the US. I have been taking photographs of the other lenses and the flash that I hardly use. All in preparation, let the carnage begin.