new kit – or not

It can take me weeks or months to part with cash! At the moment I am nearly convinced that I ‘need’ to replace the ultra wide angle lens I dropped in the river. But I get apoplexy just thinking about spending cash or making a decision: Tamron 10-24 or Sigma 10-20 or a Samsung 12-24 like the one I lost? The Tamron looks good on paper, but I have reservations about the image quality of it (and the sigma). The Samsung is a known devil, but also a £100 more expensive devil that does not open as wide. Then there is the potential of prime v zoom. Maybe I should just go for a 2.8 14mm prime lens? After all, I still have the fisheye and I actually like it as an ultrawide.

I got as far as checking the availability of the Tamron and Sigma in the local shop today, but I cannot bring myself to go off and part with the cash. Maybe go back to the plan of the new body, or maybe splurge with Christmas money.