Kx – did it

Park Cameras was busy and the staff were more stressed than they needed to be, but I guess they had had a bunch of anoraks like us all morning as well, so we will forgive them. Anyway, no time for fiddling or faffing, so I have bought it. So far, I love my new Pentax Kx! I have had a minor play, including a couple of shots outside in the cold. The image quality is much better, as expected. It is also slightly smaller and lighter than the K100d and the blue is nice and discreet. Not sure how thick that is though, so I can see it wearing off. Also, you can feel the silver line around the body where the seams do not quite match exactly. But the shutter is quieter and quicker. Drive mode is much quicker, as is the focus speed. I have had a play with the hdr and multi exposure modes, both look interesting. Video as well, although hand-holding is just as shaky as it was with the Lumix. A very easy transition, as it is so similar to the K100d, I just need to get used to what the buttons on the back are for quick access in the dark. Do I miss the exposure point confirmation, lack of cable release or cost of the D90? Not so far!

kx day

I have had a little money for Christmas towards a new camera, so the intention is to go to Park Cameras today and come back with a blue Pentax Kx. That is the intention, whether it works out like that is another matter.

don’t be put off

Why let the lack of a wired remote or interval shooting detract from your consideration of the Pentax Kx? It has troubled me a little, but I think I can overcome it. for one off shutter release, I am more likely to use the miffor lock-up and 2 second delay, so I do not actually use the wired remote that much on my K100. But the temptation of a proper programmable remote for the Nikon has been a thorn in my side. But i think I have a solution. Or two really. First option: a mechanical shutter release made using a solenoid on an arm attached to the flash socket, and heres the clever part. Why not use a cheap eBay timer remote to trigger it? Really not that difficult, if a little cumbersome. So, second option, why not mate a cheap infrared remote to a cheap timer remote, something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7670483@N02/2666610006/ but easier and cheaper to just buy the two remotes and comnnect them up.