I wish Pentax were listening. I cannot believe the amount of correspondence about the crippled state of remote control on the Kx. Just one little socket would make all the difference to a lot of users. Since I posted the DIY article, the timer remote has overtaken the ND correspondence by a long shot. Go on Pentax, give us back our sockets!


I have been going to the Partridge Green Photo club for a couple of years and moaning about not winning the monthly competition. Pearls, swine etc etc. Well last night it all changed, as I have now won! The theme was ’13’. As winner, I get to choose next months theme, which I have set as ‘Man in the Landscape’. Plenty of interpretation there.

fast fifty

I was out with the Pentax f1.4 50mm manual lens today. I was very happy with the results, considering the age and manualness of the lens, I thought they were pretty good and the fast aperture is a real boon. I think the image quality and clarity is better than any of the zooms I have at 50mm (if the focus and shake are up to scratch). I have a 24mm f2.8 manual lens as well, I think I need to try out that one next time. Not as fast as the fifty, but I think I need to explore it a bit.

It is pretty easy to adapt a manual lens to work as an auto aperture one. You only need to add the contacts to short out the ‘A’ sensing on the lens. With nothing else, the f1.4 is recognised as an f1.2, or you can add the necessary insulators to make it work properly. I had a fiddle with adapting the 50 to auto aperture. I have drilled the hole on the lens mount, but chickened out of drilling down to get a contact in. When it came to doing something permanent, I decided that the ‘press button for setting the exposure’ before taking the photo is not that bad after all!