wide again

After lots of dithering, I have been to Park Cameras again today, coming back with the Sigma 10-20, must be careful not to throw this one in a river! So far so good, it seems sharper than I expected, a bit soft on the right hand side wide open, but fine by f5.6 or f8. Not too much vignetting with my massive old linear polariser either. Bring on the wide expanses of Scotland!

a compact and a macro

Ebay can be a real treasure trove at times. Last Friday Dixons were selling off all the exdemo and returns stocks at pretty unbelievable prices. I dallied and missed a Nikon D90 and the 14 or so K7 that were going for around £200. I did jump for a Canon ixus200 (24mm, touch-screen etc) and a Pentax 100mm macro. There was a lot of nervousness in the forums http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1036&thread=35491311, but it does seem that most people got what they were expecting and are very happy! I certainly am. The compact canon is pretty decent, maybe not outstanding though. Close-up seems a bit hit and miss, but I need to play a bit more. It is certainly better than the old Lumix with a gutfull of dust. The Pentax macro is nice and sharp from the quick play I have had so far. This is possibly a better (sharper and faster) alternative to the 18-200 at 200.