Goodbye to an old friend, hello to the new

No, not a new camera, I am still getting good results from the Kx and loving the low light capability! But after listening to the sound of the K5, I decided to go a bit quieter. I fancy the idea of the Nikon 18-105 or even the 16-85, partly because their reputation is very good, partly because they are so quiet to focus. So I decided to sell the Sigma 18-200 and buy a HSM lens. With all the bad press and COST of Pentax’s SDM lenses, they were out of the question. I tried out a Sigma 17-70 and the new 18-125 and opted to save a bob with the 18-125. I have found it to be plenty sharp enough, especially when mounted on the tripod. It is a fair bit heavier and bulkier than the 18-200 (my old one was the plain non-os version) and the additional reach at 200mm is actually not that significant in practice. So the old Sigma 18-200 sold today and I got it out of the box to check it was clean and ready to go. Had a quick play and began to wonder if this was such a good idea. Both are nice and sharp and focus pretty accurately (without dragging in a lab experimental design). So long old friend, don’t hold my fickle actions against me!