prime reason for taking photos

Last entry I was giving up on the fabled Tamron 17-50 f2.8. Since then, I have picked up a couple of corking bargains in the form of a couple of prime lenses. Both at far too good a price to pass up on. I had been planning to get the new Pentax 35mm, but it is just a bit too cheap and cut price, no hood, not that good a focal length etc. For roughly the same price as that, I saw a FA50mm f1.4 at Jessops. Too cheap to pass up, if I didn’t like it, I could still sell at a profit. The f1.4 is perhaps not as hot as the f1.7 version, and there is a new f1.8 version on the lens roadmap, but this is just the ticket for really low light. So, nice lens, replaces my old SMC version of the f1.4 (now sold), but still a bit long for me.

Next bargain was a used FA28mm f2.8. I have not been looking too hard, but I have not seen one of them for a long while. Thank you London Camera Exchange in Manchester! 28mm is more like it! Still a bit too long on APS-C, but I am really enjoying using it. It is now my main lens, much sharper than the zooms (especially the 18-55 Pentax, only worth keeping that as it is weather resistant). You can see the comparison with the Sigma 18-125 in the attached crops. On the left is a crop from just off centre with the 18-125. On the right is the extreme top right corner using the 28mm. A bit of chromatic aberration from the 28mm, but not as smeared as the zooms. In reality, the zooms are still great for printing up to A4, but I love my primes.

So currrent go out range includes the 10-20 Sigma (a bit too hazy in comparison now), 28mm and the DFA 100mm f2.8 macro. If I am feeling like taking the lot, I will add the 50mm or maybe the tamron 70-300.

Next step? Buy the only valid reason for me staying with Pentax – the 15mm limited and leave the 10-20 at home. The main kit will then be back to pretty much what I used to travel with back in the late 1980s – a very wide and a fast standard lens. Then it was the 24mm and the 50mm, now it will be the 15mm and the 28mm. Roll on significant birthdays!