another close K5 orbit

Try number two: another great offer on the K5 from Jessops last weekend and I picked it up, another low serial number and it turns out to have been manufactured in September last year as well. (Note to Pentax / Hoya / Ricoh: sort out your quality control / recall strategy). By the time I charged the battery properly it was too late to do too much with it, butdid have a couple of dust spots on it, but not the same as the first one I had.

I am a very price sensitive buyer, and this was such a good deal. It obviously got some of the other Pentax players in a lather, as SRS dropped their price to match, sadly their prices are back up again now). This was too good a deal, a good price and I had a Jessops voucher to use as well. If it turned out to be a dud, they would either replace it or refund me, so no loss really, at the end of the day, I still have a Kx.

So today it got a proper look. Yes indeed, it has a line on it that will not shift with a wet clean. I have spoken to Jessops now and they have a new stock one coming in direct from Pentax with my name on it. That one had better be perfect or I will be looking for a refund or a replacement from the Nikon shelf. Sadly, I have now used the K5 just enough to know that I really like some of the things it helps me do (but then the D7000 seems to be a similar tool), but this is strike 2 for Pentax.