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compact 2

Sadly the Sony HX5 compact I had bought from ebay developed a lens fault. Less that a week old and the lens seemed to jam. So back it went, I am nervous about something that seems to have a problem that early, especially when I want it to be a reliable backup. I still like the camera though, so I ended up getting a HX7 to replace it (ebay again). It is supposed to be an upgraded version, although I have found a couple of little surprises. The HX5 did bracketing (ok, so it was only ±1ev, but it was something). It still has the lowlight multi-exposure feature though, and the images still look pretty good. 16MP is really pushing the boundaries, even for one of these back illuminated sensors. Detail tends to blur (in odd patches) to resemble watercolour, but hey, it is still a nice little compact.

how many nd32 filters do you need?

I have had to buy another one of my favourite filters, the cheap ND 10-15 stop filter from this guy. This is about the 5th or 6th. Perhaps I should ask for a bulk order discount! Generally I buy different sizes, but this was another 49mm as I have managed to get it jammed onto the cheap UV filter I was using to protect the filter stack. I must get around to doing a proper tips page for this, I have been using these for 18 months now and not expanded this stub. For such a small outlay, they really are the best option for cheap long exposure, and there does not seem to be any supply problems.