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Loving the Nikon Way

I am very impressed with the results I am getting from this D7100. The photo here is taken with the 18-140 kit lens and a cheap ebay 20mm extension tube. AF works OK and I am not complaining about the sharpness! Maybe I should have made this move a few upgrades ago instead of hanging on in with the previous system

better support for doo-dads

The Nikon train has continued to chug along, I am now pretty happy and comfortable picking it up to take out. One thing I do love is the greater availability of handy little items to enhance the camera, there are many that were not made for Pentax. I have been out this morning with a ‘cheap’ set of AF macro extension tubes. If you can find a set that give AF and aperture control for Pentax, they would probably set you back £150 on the used market. The Meike ones for Nikon support AF and communicate all the lens info to the camera. So for £35 I can now use the SWM & VR of the 18-140 for the odd bee photos. Image quality is good enough and the combo seems to work very well. So no need to shell out for a £450 dedicated macro lens. This will save a bit of money, and a bit of weight when I want to head off into the hills. I know that the dedicated lens has advantages, the attached image is not biting sharp (probably down to my technique) but I am happy with this solution.

settling into the Nikon way

I have added the 18-140 lens to my outfit. For £195 you would be stupid not too. It is a kit lens, but it is a good one. Better than any of the Pentax 18-55’s I have owned, but that is not hard considering the current one I have. So how am I getting on? Well, I have been up for dusk shots on Chanctonbury a few times (see the photo feed) and it seems to hold it’s own. If you push the shadow recovery and HDR too much I can see banding lines, so you need to be sensible with getting enough light onto the sensor. That was a minor ‘sell it all and get a K3’ moment, but it has passed.

One observation I have made, the Nikon might seem less sturdy, but the quality control seems better. The inbuilt horizon level is accurate, the lenses I have (admittedly all Nikon) seem to focus pretty accurately as well. The pentax Kx and K5 needed major adjustment through hacking the OS to get all my lenses to focus within the user adjustable range. The Pentax needed the most adjustment. That is just shoddy, I did not want to buy another camera with a wonky horizon level or one where the af adjustment range was not enough to get it spot on.