compact 3 – the nikon way again

I was looking for a nice compact camera with physical zoom and viewfinder for mum before her next trip home to New Zealand, as I think this would be easier for her to use. I took a trip to Park for a fiddle, I liked the idea of the Panasonic LF1, but it is so tiny and fiddly and the viewfinder is really not good. The bridge cameras are nice, but the ones with the physical zoom action are the same size as a compact DSLR. The Nikon P7800 had a nice viewfinder, but is too complicated for an 80 year old really.

But then, trawling around on ebay (as I do), I came across a very tasty deal on a Nikon V1. This is the 1 series camera, with the viewfinder. This older version is more compact and is a nice looking thing.

Thoughts. Mum might like it as it is a nice neat package with a traditional feel. She might not like the limited zoom or the lack of flash. But it seems to work quite nicely.

Anyway, I have had one to play with now for a couple of days. I like it, and I am sure that Mum or my sister will as well. So I am keeping one and I have bought a second to gift!