I have made an unhappy discovery that the way flash works on Pentax just sucks. When you set the camera to auto ISO it picks nice sensible ISOs to match the ambient light. When you use the flash, it keeps the ISO for ambient light and also keeps the shutter speed to match. Which is fine if you are on a tripod and want a good mix of flash and ambient light. But actually, it is pretty useless as you really don’t need ISO 3200 if you have a GN50 flash all warmed up and ready to fry. I have never really got on with flash that well, so I think it is time to dump the Sigma TTL flash. I can live with the pop-up flash for emergencies, and the Olympus EPL1 behaves much better, it intelligently adjusts the ISO to 200 and picks proper shutter speeds. In future I will stick with the EPL1, the pop-up, an old Metz auto flash and an optical trigger, it works rather well, much easier to control in quick fire action when you need a little automation.