more shiny things – pentax kx

What a pace the whirl of digital photography is! Last month I was contemplating the Nikon D90 or D5000 (it had to be the D90 for the fisheye focussing). Heck, I even contemplated a Canon in view of the very interesting Samyang 8mm fisheye. Last week I was contemplating the Ricoh GX200 (24mm lens and 3 minute exposures) or the Panasonic LX3 (better image quality apparently). The new Panasonic GF1, G1, Olympus E-P1 are all interesting as well, especially in view of the new Novoflex adapters for allowing Pentax, Nikon or Canon lenses to be used with them.

Anyway, that is all passed now, and a new flashy thing has caught my eye. At £600 (release price), the new Pentax Kx has snuck up and offers more confusion. Without going over the top, a bit higher resolution, hopefully better low light quality etc make it a tempting proposition. But… it has no top plate LCD (no worries). Worse, it has no cable release socket! How ridiculous, as it does have a bulb setting. I guess I could rig something up, but what on earth are Pentax up to? I like Pentax, I have a considerable investment in lenses etc, but I am still happy to jump ship if this thing does not cut the mustard for low light. Everyone is speculating that it is based on the new Sony exmoor sensor, I very much doubt it. I cannot see Sony selling on their new flagship for a red plastic camera from a lesser rival. I reckon it is made by Sony, but I think the sensor is the old stock from the Nikon D90 and D5000 (as I heard that Nikon sensors have moved from Sony back inhouse). The megapixels tempts you to think D2X (but that sensor is already 3 years old). More likely is the D90 or the D5000, based on the actual resolution: 4288 x 2848 pixels. If so, the low light and noise capability should be a massive leap from my K100D, provided Pentax can handle the image processing in camera properly. That is the £600 question.