necessary adjustments

There used to be a lot of on-line hysteria about soft images and mirror slap with the Pentax Kx. I was not really convinced that mine was affected by the slapping, but I was getting soft photos. Now that the camera is over a year old (but still in warranty as I bought from a Pentax Pro dealer), I decided it was time to have a go at testing for front/back focus and trying adjusting with the debug menu Well slap me 😉 if the thing wasn’t front focussing! I have made the adjustment to 90 (out of 150 I think) and it is all a lot better now. This one setting seems to be acceptable for the two main lenses I use now, the Sigma 10-20 and the Sigma 18-125 HSM. It also has improved my catch-in-focus success with the Takumar 28mm and Pentax SMC 50 f1.4. Looks like I can delay the K5 for the moment.