pentax kx tips, tests and diy

I was the happy owner of Pentax’s ‘beginners’ camera, the K-x. I say beginners, but any camera is only a beginner camera because the maker say it is. The current range of DSLRs have way more capability than my old film cameras. Even a basic camera will allow a lot more control over noise reduction, colour balance, in camera HDR and multi-exposures all add up to some interesting tools to use. But there are a couple of annoying ‘beginner’ camera limitations that need to be overcome to get the most from it.

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  1. I’m a proud owner of a new red Pentax K-x and saw your fix for creating a programmable remote shutter release. I can find the IR Wireless Remote Control for Pentax on eBay (and it looks like the one in your photo) but I need some direction on the second part. What do I search for in order to find a programmable remote like the one in your photo. All the remotes I come up with are for televisions.


    1. Just try searching in the Photography section of eBay, or use the word ‘timer’ or ‘pentax’ in your search. Shouldn’t be too tricky to find one. It looks like at least 8 Hong Kong sellers have them on sale as we speak.

  2. ebay is a saviour just found what i needed to many thanks for the info.

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