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I put together the list of free photo software that you can run from a USB stick, but there were other programs I use that are worth a look as well.

AutoPano Pro


Actually not free, but you can try the demo version of this powerful panorama stitching software.



Will convert a equirectangular image (ie one that covers a full 360×180 degree image into a mov file that can be zoomed and panned (see the Pictures folders for a couple of examples). You will need Apple QuickTime viewer (free) and the VR extension for this to work.



Same authors as Dynamic Photo, so the same tiny watermark. Does cropping, colour correction, curves, noise reduction and colour matching to another picture.

Dynamic Photo HDR


High dynamic range and tonemapping software. Will tone map from a single images and will also apply the colour range from one photo onto another. Much more exciting results than other HDR solutions.

2 thoughts on “other software for photos”

  1. hello,your stufs are very good.I want to ask you,if you know about some pc software compatible with pentax k-x,to using timelapse,something as gbtimelapse

    1. Glad you found some useful stuff here. Tethered shooting and software control is not possible on the Kx. Remember this is an entry level camera and the USB connection is only for copying data from the photo card (so far, maybe Pentax will come to their senses and enable this via a firmware upgrade). It is still possible to take timelapse photos though, see the examples on my Picasa account (link to the right) and see the programmable release that will enable you to do it here: http://scanar.co.uk/?page_id=295

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