west pier brighton low tide panorama

This is one of the photos from the trip to Brighton’s West Pier at low tide. I am pretty proud of this, it is a hand-held 360° panorama.

[ptviewer href=”http://sussexphoto.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/brightonpano.jpg” imagewidth=”2000″ imageheight=”1000″ horizon=”500″ hfov=”360″ ] [/ptviewer]

brighton low tide take 2

Went off to Brighton again after work last night. It was a 0.8m low tide. Lots of people around as it was a gorgeous warm day. Met up with the vicar and the photo crowd. They were the ones with the tripods and the ND grads. Have not had a chance to look at the pictures, but I am hoping for some good ones.

red arrows

The Red Arrows flew over today. We see them every year on their way to or from one of the shows. This morning I was lucky enough to have the camera with the 70-210 on as they flew over and I managed a couple of shots. Not bad for a 20 year old manual focus lens!