Went down to Shoreham beach today. Not that impressive, but did try out
the infrared filter. The 18-55 pentax does not seem to have a hotspot,
although they still come out pretty grainy. Used the old slingshot bag,
it is actually pretty good for small amounts of kit. Especially as the
little slik tripod just slips into the main compartment without the
head! Perfect!



snow on chanctonbury

Still thick snow on the north downs, so took today off as annual leave
(or maybe the 9 day flexy). I decided that a trip up Chanctonbury would
be good. It was clear enough and looked like it was going to stay that
way today. Invited the vicar as I was a little nervous of getting stuck
alone. Set off later than I would normally, but that is probably a good
thing. The track to the car park was fine where it was sheltered, but
icy where it was exposed. Of course, we came across cars in the exposed
bits, but managed to keep it under control with no wheel spinning, no
slipping etc. Unlike the other cars (both Audis strangely and both
spinning wheels like mad). Turned out to be worth the trip. Quiet and
still in the lee and the woods, raw but not too bad on the top. Had
dressed with multiple layers so it was all pretty good really. Took
nothing out of the backpack again, there really is no point taking more
than the basics in adverse weather. At least I had the fisheye, 70-210,
panosaurus, tripod, filters, cleaning fluid, compact Panasonic, blower,
multi-pliers etc etc just in case! Did not even drink the coffee or eat
the hot cross bun.

[1] 2009, 2009 02 03 Chanctonbury Snow, 2 images, IMGP1457 - IMGP1458 - 4361x1519- SCUL-Smartblend.jpg


loss of a loved one

Lost the Samsung 12-24 today. Went up to Dorrigo again today for a walk along the rainforest and waterfall bush tracks. Did the Crystal Showers Falls walk in the morning. More people than yesterday. The falls were ok. Had lunch sitting next to the car and then went up to the Never Never picnic area. Another long walk, less people, and better rivers. Did have to go bush to get down to the Red Cedar Creek. Dabbled me feet in the water for a bit. Did a couple of panoramas. Sadly, moved the bag and the 12-24 rolled out and down the rock into the river. That will teach me for not zipping up. I could not find it as the current was too quick. Bugger.