upgrade time?

¬†There have been some tasty developments in photo land of late. I feel that I am getting a lot more out of the ‘old’ Pentax at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me looking over the fence. I still hanker for more accurate and more consistent focus than I get. It would also be great to have a working viewfinder level. Pentax QC was pretty off, I had to debug the focus to get it within tolerance for my lenses and the level has never been accurate. Maybe I should have jumped ship back then?
The new K3 is out, supposedly it addresses all those issues, but I have dabbled on the dark side as well. I got an absolute bargain Nikon D7100 body off Amazon warehouse (i.e. a customer return or refurb) for ¬£250 off retail price and a good deal on a Nikkor 18-140 from Hong Kong. I would have to say that I was impressed with the photos. Very very sharp. What put me off was the ‘Nikon Way’ viewfinder. I was never really sure what ISO the camera was choosing. It seemed to default to ISO 6400 and 1/2000 shutter speed. I decided that the thing was too steep a learning curve, but I accept that it was mighty tasty when I could get it to do what I wanted. In the back of my mind it is still a serious option if the K3 is not up to muster.